Artist Bio  1

Edith has always been creative and while in high school she was accepted the  C.W Jefferys’ intensive art program, which at that time was a vocational art school that offered art 3 hours per day for selected students. 


This career choice was short-lived as her father told her she would never make a living being an artist (and he was wrong), she was pulled out of high school early to join the family office supply business, during which Edith won Canadian Entrepreneur of the year in 1999 in the turnaround category. 


Due to health reasons, Edith had to stop working in 2010 and has worked on her art since. Art has been a release for Edith who suffers from Complex PTSD, she has poured all her emotion into her work during her healing process, her series Emotional Ribbons is an explosion of joy and release. 


Edith's artwork is often seen in movies and television productions. 


Artwork Seen in Movies and Television 


Departure ~ 2019 (In the Vase)

The Handmaids Tale ~ 2019 (Abstract Mini V)

Hot Zone ~ 2018 (Fiesta, River Flowers)

The Nest ~2018 (River Flowers)

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark ~ 2018/19 (Red Mountains)

Murder Mystery ~ 2018 (Fiesta, River Flowers)

Suits ~ 2018/19 (Freedom in Maafushi, Map of Emotion)

Riviera ~ season 2 2018 (Context is for Kings, Battle at the Binary Stars)

Playing Dead ~ 2019 (Blue Vase)

The Handmaids Tale ~ 2018 (Abstract V seasonal rental)

Suits ~ 2018  (Small Abstract II and IV)

Suits ~ 2018 (Emotional Ribbons ~ To the Heart)

The Handmaids Tale ~ 2018 (Purple Bud, In the Vase)

Taken ~ 2017/18 (Purple Bud, Abstract Yellow 1 thru 4)

Suits ~ 2017 (Blue Vase, Mt Edith Cavell, Angel Glacier, Three Circles and a Fish)

The Handmaids Tale ~ 2018 (Lonely Lizard)

Conviction ~ 2017 (Rhythm, Purple Haze)

Wish Upon ~ 2017 (Purple Bud, Three Circles and a Fish, Abstract 2)

Private Eyes ~2017 (Purple Bud, Red Mountains)

Ransom ~ 2017 (Purple Haze)

State Like Sleep ~ 2017 (Lonely Lizard)

IT (Stephen King) ~ 2017 (Purple Bud, In the Vase)

Kim's Convenience ~ 2016 (Blue Vase)

Conviction ~ 2016


Past Group and Solo Shows

GAS Gallery Group Show October 2020

Toronto City Hall ~ The office of Brad Bradford 100 Queen Street West, Suite B28 March 1 to April 28, and then extended to August 31 2019

The Artist Network Browse Art 2018 638 Queen St. E ~ Dec 4 -January 5. Gerrard Artspace 1475 Gerrard Street East Toronto, The Members Show, December 5 - 22.

Gerrard Artspace 1475 Gerrard Street East Toronto, The Members Show, December 5 -22

North Toronto BIA ~ Passion Knit 3355 Yonge Street. October 2018

GAS Gallery ~ Wedding Show August 2018

GAS Gallery ~  Just Do It ~ February 2018  

Verity Gallery ~ January 2017

Verity Gallery ~ September 2016

Verity Gallery ~ June 2016

Don Valley Artist Group ~ Todmorden Mills ~ May 2016

Verity Gallery ~ January 2016

Don Valley Artist Group ~ Todmorden Mills ~ November 2015

Verity Gallery ~ September 2015

Unitarian Church St. Clair West ~ July 2015

Verity Gallery ~ June 2015

Sunnybrooke Hospital June/July 2015

Todmordern Mills ~ May 2015

ArtBarn, Inspiration ~ February 2015

Verity Gallery ~ January 2015

Don Valley Artist Group, at Todmorden Mills ~ November 2014

Willowdale Artist Group, at the North York Civic Centre ~ October 2014

The Mixed Media Artists Group, at the Peter MacKendrick Gallery ~ May 2014

The Mixed Media Artists Group, at the Peter MacKendrick Gallery ~ April 2013

Muskoka Place Gallery, August 2010